Nick Mataragas

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Nick Mataragas is a director, actor, writer, producer, podcaster, and improviser, and is a graduate of the IO Chicago training center (so many things!). Nick can be heard on multiple podcasts on The
DVMPE network including Memoriam Productions, SURIAL, The Last Days of Macho Man Will Shiflett, and Freak of the Week. For many years he could be seen in improv shows at The Comedy Shrine in Aurora Illinois. When not working way too much, Nick celebrates the god Dionysus, enjoys reading, and sleeps. Nick is the founder, and head of development at Memoriam Development.

Amanda Davila

Amanda is an actor, writer, director, singer and photographer and is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago. She made her directorial debut with ‘Oh My Gods’, in late 2017 which was also her first
full-length play. She is the Vice President of Development at Memoriam Development where she has acted in, and co-written multiple projects including ‘Participation Trophy”.
When Amanda isn’t performing or creating, she spends her time traveling, cooking and sitting alone in a dark room drinking wine and wondering if she has any real talent. You know, artsy stuff.

David Musto

Not an actor by trade (unless you count his performances as a janitor in a 4th grade classroom play), David Musto is accomplished in the art of starting artistic projects with little to no follow through. He is the writer of multiple unfinished scripts for film and television. He is currently the host of the Netflix and Spill podcast on the DVMPE, where he is an insufferable blowhard.

Allan Morgan

Allan Morgan has been trying to make others laugh since he found it could divert attention away from his pixie-size feet. He has produced, written for and performed in radio and television sketch shows dating back to college, and continues to emcee for suburban Chicago events and perform as a
main-stage player at the Comedy Shrine improv theater when the owner forgets to post security at the stage door. He is also a songwriter whose music and voice has been featured in movies, network and cable television, and numerous appearances on the Dr. Demento radio show. He is kept unreasonably well-fed by a tolerant family in Oswego containing his wife, two kids, a dog, and, reluctantly, two cats.​

David Vox Mullen

David Vox Mullen is a developer at Memoriam, the founder and emperor of the DVMPE, and an ensemble member at The Comedy Shrine in Aurora Illinois.​

Paul Hinic

Paul Hinic is an actor, writer, producer, improviser, and stand up comedian. He can be seen performing at The Comedy Shrine in Aurora as well as Laugh Out Loud in Chicago. He can also be heard on multiple DVMPE Network podcasts, such as The Gotham Podcast, Freak of The Week, and Surial. Paul enjoys spending his free time watching films, reading, and waiting for the Old Ones to return.​