Hire Memoriam for your next event!  The improvisors at Memoriam Development can provide entertainment and team building workshops for corporate, private and fundraising events.

Corporate and Private Parties and Events
Take the fun up at notch at your next party or corporate event!  Our improvisors will provide an entertaining and original show for you and your party that will have your guests rolling with laughter.  Our imrov shows are highly participative, immersive shows that engage your guests in the experience rather than just leaving them to watch. We offer a wide variety of styles, from completely kid and family friendly, to an 'adult audiences only' show that can fit any needs.

$600 basic package includes:
-1 hour of entertainment
-Location within the western suburbs
-5 improvisors
* Does not include music

Team building events
Move beyond the standard 'trust falls' and 'talking sticks' at your next team building event and have some fun with our improvisors!  Even if you have no interest in getting up on stage, improv is an excellent medium to help teach you and your employees to think on their feet, gain confidence speaking in front of a group, and better anticipate and communicate needs both with other employees and clients.
The basic concepts of improv are 'yes and' (listening to your scene partner and adding to their idea in a fun and creative way) and trust. Knowing when to 'drive' a scene if your partner is struggling, and when to take a step back and follow their lead is a skill that translates beautifully to any work environment.  Plus, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

$600 basic package includes:
-A 90 minute workshop with 2 of our most experienced improvisors
-Programming tailored specifically to the needs of your company
-Travel to anywhere within the western suburbs

Fundraising Events
Memoriam Development loves being part of raising money for a great cause! If you are putting on a fundraiser and need entertainment, an improv show can be an excellent option.  We offer a wide variety of shows that can be customized to your specific event. Since all events are different and have wildly different budgets, contact us directly to work out a show and budget that works for you.

Looking for something not listed here?  Contact us for a customized show tailored specifically to your party or event!