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Surial is a scriptovised (part scripted, part improvised) parody of the hit NPR podcast Serial. Follow the story of James Bludonski as he may or may not have burned down the Pi Gamma Sigma house at his school.

Listen to Surial on Itunes here

Oh My Gods

'Oh My Gods' takes a comedic look at the possible origins of religion and mythology. What exactly goes on behind the scenes in the day to day life of a deity? Do they live up to the public persona humankind has placed on them, or are they more like us than we might think?

The Last Days of "Macho Man" Will Shiflett

Will Shiflett, aged 27 years. Son to a widowed father, savaged by grief. A beloved young man of untold potential gone unrealized because of a dangerous obsession. Will Shiflett was a professional wrestling fan.
Surial Special Investigative Series attempts to follow the trail of the last days of "Macho Man" Will Shiflett.

Listen to Will Shiflett on Itunes

A Night of Improv Comedy

Memoriam partnered with the Brookfield, IL VFW to present A Night of Improv Comedy. An audience interactive improv show, that also helped raise money for disabled Illinois vets! 50% of the proceeds went to the VFW.

Freak of the Week

The truth is out there True Believers! Join host David Hickney and special guests as they uncover the truth about what creatures are out there. Freak of the Week is the call in show the GOVERNMENT doesn’t want you to know about.

Listen to Freak of the Week on Itunes

Participation Trophy

Memoriam Development pokes fun at life as we know it.
Participation Trophy is a no holds barred sketch show that will leave you laughing and thinking. Participation Trophy stars Katie Brisick, Amanda Davila, Patrick Harrington, Paul Hinic, Elizabeth Krahulec, and Allan Morgan, under the direction of Nick Mataragas, with the help of David Musto.

G.I. Jam

Memoriam Development is providing a great opportunity for all improvisors new and and veteran, to come out an play. We have partnered with the Brookfield VFW to provide a safe environment for all to enjoy.


Join host David Musto as he whores out stories from his life that he doesn't really want to talk about but allows himself to be ridiculed for. Listen Here


Nerdy & Dirty is an ambitious sketch show from Memoriam Development. This no holds barred show delves deep into the seedy underbelly of nerd culture and embraces the the fun we secretly all have when we are a little indecent.


Six nights, twelve plays, uncountable chills. Memoriam received nearly one hundred submissions from around the world and chose the twelve best to put in our very first horror anthology. Nightshade ran the gamut from the silly to the downright disturbing. If you missed this year's show, there is always next year..